Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nine-Eleven. 9-1-1. Help!

My title for this derives from an editorial column printed in the Clarksville, Tennessee, daily newspaper shortly after 11 September A.D. 2001.

Yes, yesterday was the eighth anniversary of the terrible attack on these United States, when shadowy, little-heard-of terrorists of Islam took this country by surprise and shook us to our core. In Clarksville I'd just watched the movie classic "Stanley and Livingstone" on AMC or TCM early that morning and was channel-surfing. I kept encountering images of one of the World Trade Center towers in smoke. I stopped to find out why -- and watched the whole thing unfold. The attack on the second tower. The attack on the Pentagon. The crash in a Pennsylvania field after passengers on the fourth jet fought back against the terrorists and foiled their evil designs. The present on that date was far darker than the "darkest Africa" of the movie I'd just watched!

And the war goes on. . . .

Here in Nashville early in the morning I heard mention of the anniversary on the radio (WSM-AM 650). And later I read references to commemorating events that were scheduled to happen around the city. Too bad I didn't learn of these 'til after the fact -- I'd have like to have gone. But I did remember, and mused on that terrible day often thru'out this day (that is, yesterday, Friday the Eleventh).

Just this afternoon I read a business markee near Vanderbilt University, that said "remembering 9-11 / God bless the USA" or similar. During the days following that dark day, and around each anniversary since, this phrase is to be read all over the place.

"God bless the USA."

And I have to wonder, how dare we? How dare we ask the Almighty Holy One to bless a country that decades ago kicked Him out of public classrooms and displays on public property? How dare we ask the Holy One on high to bless a nation whose people have descended into all sorts of moral filth and an attitude of "anything goes"? How dare we ask God to bless an unholy people who murder thousands of unborn children yearly and who are quickly bowing down to everything that the homosexual agenda demands?

No wonder that Mohammed's disciples hate the West. No wonder their front-line soldiers attacked this country that terrible day in Ought One.

"God bless the USA"??? Truly rather, let us fall on our collective national knees and cry out with repentant tears, "God have mercy on us, a nation of vile sinners!"

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