Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's lasso some tomes, fellas!

Today I got to see, meet & greet my favorite saddle-pals, in a library. Hence, the title for this post.

You see, dear reader, the downtown Nashville Public Library is hosting a series of musical entertainment events in the library's courtyard. It's called the "Summer Series" even tho' this didn't commence 'til August and today's concert plus the remainder fall during Fall (pun intended). Hence, "tomes".

Today's performers were a quartet of fellas whom I heartily applaud for promoting, preserving and enhancing the music I grew up listening to: cowboy songs! Hence, "lasso".

They are Riders in the Sky, Grammy-winners from the cast of the Grand Ole Opry show, who last February performed with our own Nashville Symphony in the Schermerhorn Concert Center. Ranger Doug and the other three did a sort of prelude by being on "Coffee Country and Cody", the weekday wake-up show on WSM-AM 650 (which of course broadcasts the Opry). I was glad they did this, as I listened while driving and delivering prescriptions on this delightful sunny day. Bill Cody and his "sidekick" Charlie Mattos are often a bundle of laughs all on their own. So are Riders during their performances. Put the two groups together and you've got what we listeners got this morning: not just a bundle but a riot of laughs! And of course the announcements that the quartet of cowboy crooners would be at the Library, and that the album recorded during the concerts with the Symphony had recently been published and is now available.

The guys mentioned that they'd also performed during last year's "summer series" at the Library, and apparently it was on a day that set the record for high temperature here. There were jokes about the perspired appearance of the four, especially Joey the Cowpolka King.

But today's weather couldn't have been better for being outside! And Riders did a standard mix of classic old cowboy songs, their own compositions and humorous commentary. In addition to their album with the Symphony their Grammy-winning album recorded for the movie "Toy Story 2" came into play. To the great delight of the many kids present. (I should mention that the courtyard is surrounded by the building's second floor, which houses books and activities for children.) Shortly after they performed with the Symphony I had read Riders in the Sky as being a performance group oriented to kids. Well, if so then I guess I like the four so much because they bring out the "kid" in yours truly. And if that's so, then so be it!

Fellas, let's go lasso some tomes!

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