Thursday, July 28, 2011

News from Nashville

The past seven days or so have witnessed the end, or potential end of two Music City "landmarks".

Early last (calendar) week it was announced on local broadcast news -- doubtless also in the Tennessean newspaper -- that the iconic and beloved Elliston Place Soda Shop would close its doors for good after business on Saturday, 23 July. It seems the management of this landmark could not come to agreement with the landlord concerning rent.

But hooray for us soda-shop aficionados! A third party stepped in and averted the shut-down!

And then Sunday evening late news included a touching tribute to "landmark" Channel 5 sportscaster Hope Hines. You see, dear reader, he was fixin' to retire brom his broadcast position. His final reporting for Ch. 5 was on Wednesday (yesterday).

When I began following local TV news in 1983, I had no preference among the local TV sports guys. But Hope sort of grew on me, especially after I heard him speak at the Clarksville funeral of legendary Olympian runner Wilma Rudolph as the turn of the century and millennium approached. And altho' I found it odd that Mr. Hines was the only Hope I knew of who was not of the female persuasion, I certainly didn't doubt his masculinity nor his sports-reporting acumen.

Even tho' we will no longer see Hope's face on the Ch. 5 newscasts -- unless he does a Brett Favre-style (multiple) un-retiring! -- we who love him haven't heard the last of him. He will be writing his memoirs, due to be printed next Spring. Can't wait to "read all about it!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Most Memorable Music City Weekend

Have I truly moved from Nashville to Clarksville? Dear reader, you might not know it from all the hours I spent in Music City this past weekend!

Beginning Saturday: I drove from C'ville to my work at the Tennessee State Library & Archives building, signing in at seven in the morning. It was what I've been told is a typical Saturday: busy! Certainly we served more Patrons than on Thursday or Friday, same shift time (7am to 2:30pm). I took some photos while at work. BTW, I truly feel as tho' I'm a State employee now; Thursday I received my photo ID and Friday my State Internet system ID and password -- now I can do work-related e-mail.

After work I drove to Vanderbilt University's central library building, to do Internet stuff -- personal e-mail, Facebook, blogging -- and listen on-line to one of my favorite radio broadcasts, "Front Porch Fellowship". It's an hour show featuring the best in Bluegrass Gospel music, hosted by Les Butler on Solid Gospel 105 (FM). You can catch it at 4pm Saturdays, repeated same time Sundays.

I topped off my Music City Saturday by returning to downtown, specifically to the Nashville Convention Center, where I joined in the "kick-off" worship service for the biennial General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the denomination thru which I participate in the universal Church, and which denomination ordained and endorsed me to Army chaplaincy (1981-84). I saw several D o C folk I knew, both from Texas and from Tennessee (or formerly from Tenn., now from Ohio). The preliminary music and brief speeches made much of Nashville as "Music City" and our friendliness. And the actual worship included hymns and songs. As one speaker commented, "Singing is NOT a spectator sport for us Disciples!"

Sunday morning the Tenth I drove IH 24 from C'ville to Nashville again, for choir rehearsal, breakfast and an early (8:30am) worship at my church, Eastwood CC(DC). It was SO GREAT to see and speak with my Eastwood brothers and sisters again! The sanctuary was packed to the walls with worshipers -- I hate to imagine how over-the-top SRO the "regular-time" service would be! But members and our many visitors (including former Eastwood pastors) got treated to a rousing choir Anthem of "Lord, Here Am I" (hence my showing up extra-early for rehearsal), other fantastic musical offerings, and a fine sermon by Mike Kinnamon, titled "Why 'Tell It' Isn't Enough". "Tell It!" is the theme of the Assembly taking place right now in Music City.

Don't get me wrong! I love Clarksville, and am glad to be dwelling in the Queen City. But for this special weekend Music City was almost my home again!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whoa! Not So Fast!

My previous posting on this blog, I said was my final post.

Not so fast!

In a way, I'm back! Yes, I'm still living in Clarksville, about 50 miles to the northwest of Music City. But no sooner did I move than I got called back to Nashville for a job interview! And then called back for a second interview -- always a good sign! And then was offered the job!

So. . . for four days each week I'll be commuting from C'ville to downtown Nashville, to work in the Tennessee State Library and Archives as a receptionist-security guard. It may not be as fun nor as exciting as the tour guide position I flubbed at the Grand Ole Opry House, but it's a job I CAN DO in a work environment I enjoy: a library! It sits across Seventh Avenue North from the Capitol Building. Indeed, as I sit at my front lobby desk (counter), I'm constantly looking at the capitol I consider the most beautiful and unique of all such buildings! And the TSLA itself is a magnificent Art Deco edifice, erected in the early Fifties. Plus, it's a memorial to Tennesseans of World War Two.

Also, I've not changed church membership to any congregation in C'ville, nor am I in a hurry to switch from Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in East Nashville. I'll be working every Saturday, and some of those Saturdays I'll be working until 7pm. So I'm seriously considering staying overnight those times and attending Sunday worship at Eastwood.

Therefore, Music City has definitely NOT seen the last of yours truly! I'll probably post occasionally on my blog here. . . .