Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whoa! Not So Fast!

My previous posting on this blog, I said was my final post.

Not so fast!

In a way, I'm back! Yes, I'm still living in Clarksville, about 50 miles to the northwest of Music City. But no sooner did I move than I got called back to Nashville for a job interview! And then called back for a second interview -- always a good sign! And then was offered the job!

So. . . for four days each week I'll be commuting from C'ville to downtown Nashville, to work in the Tennessee State Library and Archives as a receptionist-security guard. It may not be as fun nor as exciting as the tour guide position I flubbed at the Grand Ole Opry House, but it's a job I CAN DO in a work environment I enjoy: a library! It sits across Seventh Avenue North from the Capitol Building. Indeed, as I sit at my front lobby desk (counter), I'm constantly looking at the capitol I consider the most beautiful and unique of all such buildings! And the TSLA itself is a magnificent Art Deco edifice, erected in the early Fifties. Plus, it's a memorial to Tennesseans of World War Two.

Also, I've not changed church membership to any congregation in C'ville, nor am I in a hurry to switch from Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in East Nashville. I'll be working every Saturday, and some of those Saturdays I'll be working until 7pm. So I'm seriously considering staying overnight those times and attending Sunday worship at Eastwood.

Therefore, Music City has definitely NOT seen the last of yours truly! I'll probably post occasionally on my blog here. . . .

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