Thursday, September 10, 2009

Catching up on "stuff"

Wow! I've been away from posting on my blog for several days. Perhaps a reason is that lots has been happening lately. Most of which doesn't merit a post here. But still, here's what has occurred that may be of interest. . . .

I had to work Saturday -- two days prior to the Labor Day holiday -- but didn't mind at all. And indeed, my final run in a white Ford Ranger for Bradley Health Services turned into a delightful evening journey south of Nashville, to the Cool Springs area (Brentwood-Franklin), Spring Hill, and Columbia. On the way I was listening to bluegrass on WVRY and WSM. By the time I made that delivery in Columbia I was into NCAA football. First, it was the Governors of Austin Peay State U (in Clarksville, where years ago I was an adjunct instructor). The Govs began their home opener in splendid fashion, pouncing on a miscue by visiting Newberry College's team, to score a TD with only sixteen seconds passed! They continued to play well (to eventually win 34-23). But after a half hour of that game I switched to the station carrying my beloved Vanderbilt Commodores. My Black-and-Gold team was also opening at home, against Western Carolina. And the 'Dores were even more powerful than the govs, winning 45-0! Topping this all off a couple days later was discovering that my undergrad alma mater, the University of Idaho, had won their opener, too! A conference game on the road, at New Mexico State! Opening wins and road wins had become rare happenings for the U of I Vandals! Perhaps all three teams will do well this NCAA football season of Ought Nine?

Last Sunday was a rather quiet day at church, Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). However, I got to read the Scripture reading for the Sunday, Mark 7:24-37. Reading aloud the written Word of God is one way I particularly desire to contribute to a worship service. Especially when, as in the reading for 6 Sept., the reading is from one of the Four Gospels, reporting the teachings and deeds of the living Word of God.

Did I describe church as "quiet" on this past Sunday? Well, perhaps, but still we had a pretty fair attendance for the eve of Labor Day. And our Associate Pastor, Michael Lehman, who delivered the sermon, preached with the passion that he always seems to display, and which I always appreciate.

Labor Day itself was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside. During a delivery for Bradley Drugstore the previous Saturday (or Fri.) I had to stop at MetroCenter Teachers Tower. While I awaited the elevator I read a notice that the place would have a fish fry on Labor Day, and it read like anybody was invited to partake of the low-cost feast. I remarked about the fish fry to the resident to whom I delivered the prescription, and she all but invited me, as she raved about the tastiness of the fish. So I hied myself to MetroCenter Teachers Tower in mid-day. And true, the fish, breaded and fried on the spot, was de-e-e-elicious! The weather too was delicious, perfect for enjoying a fish fry outdoors.

In the days since the holiday I've been getting better acquainted with a new next-door neighbor at Mercury Courts.. His name's Michael and he had just been released from serving a prison sentence. As I got better acquainted with him I kept thinking of all the inmates I had come to know thru volunteer service in Kairos Prison Ministries in Texas. I think Michael and I will become great friends as well as good neighbors!

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