Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Incredibly "Chamber of Commerce" weather!

Nashville has been blessed with an unusually agreeable summer in this Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Nine, weather-wise. There was abundant rainfall until August and adequate during this past month. But it seems that after nearly every rain front has passed thru, there has been notably lower humidity, as well as lower than typical temperatures. Music City even set a record low "high" for the day about a month or so back. That is, on that date the temperature didn't even rise to the lowest previous measurement!

Can you say, "Cool"?

This past weekend, the final one for August of Ought Nine, plus the past two weekdays seemed like we'd ascended to the summit of this "chamber of commerce weather". Night-time lows in the fifties, day-time highs in th upper seventies under clear blue skies emptied of the typical high humidity by a front that passed thru toward the end of last work week. It was simply a blessing to be outdoors at every opportunity and every excuse!

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