Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day 2011 in Music City

Hm-m-m, already it's the First of June in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Eleven. However, before the new month gets any older, I wish to share about a happening of late in the previous month. Memorial Day in Music City.

This A.D. 2011 is one of those all-too-rare calendar years when the observed Memorial Day coincides with the original and REAL M.D. (30 May any more is labeled, if at all, as M.D. Traditional.)

In speaking about midday with my mother by phone, she reported that in her current town of residence, Cody, Wyoming, it was rainy and cold. I had already seen on ome of the national-broadcast early morning shows, that nearby Yellowstone Park had two to three inches of SNOW forecast!

In Nashville, on the other hand, it appears that old winter has finally loosened its grip and departed for good. Temperatures did a flip-flop on this Memorial Day, with the high being quite higher than average (rather than being several degrees below). And the humidity rose along with the temp.

But never mind! There might not have been a parade nor a well-publicized ceremony in a military cemetery in Nashville (as there was in San Antonio while I was living there). But the now-customary habit of picnics in the park saw plenty of action here. Action that included the men of The Academy (the place where I presently live).

We all packed up food and fixin's and journeyed across the Cumberland River to Shelby Park, a huge old park with golf course on the riverbank in East Nashville. Between two ballfields near the railroad trestle end of this park we set up a grill and spread the food, drinks and condiments. Those who were not involved in the set-up or cooking made the journey late in the morning.

We feasted on grilled burgers, franks and brown beans, chips and homemade potato salad. The homemade salad had my personal favorite ingredient: boiled eggs chopped coarse (i.e., large pieces). Yum-yum!

Yours truly took some photographs, which involved some sauntering around that area of Shelby Park. Other than that and eating I just chilled out in the shade of the mature trees. Whenever a train passed on the trestle I focused on it; four trains chugged along in the time we were there.

About four or five fishing poles had been brought along, and some of the fellas took these over to the nearby pond. And they did have some luck! Had we stuck around 'til supper-time we might have feasted on fresh fish. (That is, some of us would have, there not being sufficient fish caught to go around.) But we left the picnic site a bit after two in the afternoon, thus beating the hottest part of a hot and humid day.

Despite the meteorological taste of soon-coming summer, we had a great Memorial Day observance, picnic style.

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Glen Alan Graham said...

I ought to point out as a curious detail, that at one point while I was walking along the bank of the pond I sat down to rest for several minutes, looked up -- and found myself looking thru gree tree leaves full of the golden sunshine from above them! Just like my current profile photo on Facebook!