Sunday, June 20, 2010

BIG Fan of Granddaughter, Part II

Afternoon of Friday the 18th was even hotter & more humid than ever here in Music City. But I didn't mind it much. I visited the Nashville Zoo with some family members. It was nice, but I wasn't terribly impressed -- hard to get a zoo to impress yours truly after having known the San Antonio Zoo (one of top three in USA). But I wasn't at Zoo to be impressed, either by layout or by the resident fauna.

I was there to spend time with my children: son David daughter-in-law Allison and daughter Sarah. AND with my ten-week-old granddaughter Theresa!

Theresa (and not elephants, giraffes, iguanas, etc.) was THE STAR of the afternoon!

We arrived at the zoo shortly after noon, so we were there in the heat of the day -- but again, it didn't bother me as much as it could have. One of the first exhibits areas we walked to was the lorikeet enclosure. There must have been two dozen or more of the smallish, colorful, parrotlike fowl -- and one flew right past my face so close I was surprised I didn't feel feathers on my cheek!

We saw the elephants shortly afterward. The two huge beasts formed a train, with the one holding the other's tail with its trunk -- like one sees in Disney cartoon flicks. We also saw giraffes, including one who came close to the edge near a refreshment stand -- called Shamba Market -- so we could see it rather up close. Then the pachyderms got our attention, as they approached a small pond nearby, dunked themselves and self-sprayed water with their trunks -- always a delightful sight!

But again, Theresa was THE STAR of the afternoon! Daddy David offered to let me have her for awhile. I cradled her in my left arm and walked that way for quite a while. Indeed, my arm was getting a bit tired of the unaccustomed weight -- I kept wondering, how could a ten-week-old baby be heavy? -- but I didn't give her up 'til necessary. It was just too sweet to be holding Theresa!

Not long after that Sarah suggested we slip into the gift shop to take a break from the heat and humidity. While we were in there I espied a nice yellow baby's tee that said "First visit to Nashville Zoo". Despite my financial straits I seriously considered purchasing it for Theresa. Then I read the price tag: $13. I'd be very reluctant to purchase a tee MY size for that price! And THIS apparel was so-o-o-o much tinier than what would fit me!

We toured most of the rest of the zoo, then returned to the car. As on the trip to the zoo, Sarah drove, David rode shotgun, I was behind Sarah and Allison behind her hubby. Theresa sat in a backward-facing baby's car seat between mama and granddad. I had my right forearm resting on the baby seat, and noticed that Theresa was running her tiny toes along my arm. She was playing "footsie" with Grandpa! Woo-hoo!

Can you tell I adore my granddaughter?

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