Monday, June 7, 2010

"Batter Up!" -- at church, even

Wow! For priding my self on not being the "typical" sports fanatic of the male persuasion, I sure have allowed baseball in several forms to become prominent in my life in the past month or so! "Take me out to the ball game. . . !"

Yesterday, Sunday the Sixth of June, was the start of Vacation Bible School at my church, Eastwood Christian (Disciples). Like last Summer's VBS, this one was in cooperation with a couple other East Nashville congregations (all from different denominations) but held at Eastwood, with curriculum created locally rather than ordered from a religious publishing house. (We have several creative curriculum geniuses!)

The theme chosen for VBS 2010 is "Batter up!"

I wasn't even thinking about that theme while dressing for church Sunday morning. I chose not to wear a suit coat because I knew it had been hot and humid the past few days. I almost went out the door bare-headed (like I'd been doing for a few Sundays), but at the last moment decided that perhaps head gear was in order. So I grabbed one of my baseball-type caps (the one from OSDN).

And then I was in awe at my serendipitous choice when I entered the church sanctuary and saw it already decorated with theme-oriented material, such as posters resembling baseball trading cards but with the people from the Bible who would be hi-lited in the curriculum. Even Jesus, his image copied from a traditional popular painting, wore a baseball cap!

"Batter up!"

Furthermore, the Nourse ladies (mother Margaret & daughter Emily) turned out to be as focused as I on the TCU Horned Frogs in post-season NCAA baseball play. And other church members were just as focused on the hometown team, the Vanderbilt Commodores, playing in the Regional in Louisville.

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