Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mental non-image becomes REAL image!

Yesterday, Wednesday, while I was on the Nashville MTA bus carrying me to work, my oh-so-active mind was contemplating various things (as usual when I'm on the bus). Since I'd chosen to dress nicely, I got to thinking about how I truly enjoy being nicely garbed, i.e., in slacks, dress shirt and necktie. And how I much prefer to dress quite casually on Saturdays (unless a wedding or other very special event prompts me to dress up). And how there are certain activities for which even I won't don a necktie.

One of these no-tie, casual-apparel activities would be mowing the lawn. Probably not even if with a riding mower, and definitely not if cutting the grass with a push-mower!

Well, lo and behold! in the afternoon, while driving my Goody Wagons ice cream van in the old-homes South Nashville neighborhood near the Napier projects, I espied an Afro-American gentleman about my age accompanied by a much younger fellow -- perhaps his son. The older gentleman was behind a push-mower, dressed in slacks, long-sleeve shirt and tie!

The two left the mower and came to the van to purchase ice cream treats; I couldn't resist commenting to the gentleman that I'd NEVER BEFORE seen a fellow in a dress shirt and tie behind a lawn mower. We both laughed about this. (He didn't give any explanation for his appearance and activity.) And I was thinking to myself that it was a good thing the weather was pleasant and low humidity, so that he hadn't perspired onto the yellow shirt or the nicely-striped bluish tie! In fact, he was, so to speak, rather photogenic, and would have taken a good photo, with or without the mower.

I reckon you never know when you might see something totally new and unexpected!

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