Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving '09 in Music City

Ought Nine's Thanksgiving weekend here in Nashville was memorable & wonderful!

It began on Thanksgiving Day with breakfast at Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples) in East Nashville. This potluck breakfast is an annual tradition of my church. And one which I greatly appreciate!

Pastor Jay led a brief worship (or devotional time) following the breakfast. We sang three traditional hymns for Thanksgiving. These included "Now Thank we All Our God", the English translation of Nun Danket -- it's originally a Dutch hymn. Then Pastor Jay's meditation was a story from Frog & Toad. Of course, he invited any kids present to come up closer so they could see the pictures as he read. He did a terrific job reading the story!

I saw Susan Mc Bride during the breakfast, and remembered that she had posted on Facebook about regular walks in Centennial Park with friends. I asked her when did they do this; she replied that it varied. But the exchange got me considering that I go over there today and walk. It wasn't particularly ideal weather for walking: cold and a bit blustery. Nevertheless, I went and walked. I circumambulated the park's pond, Lake Watauga. Then I circumambulated The Parthenon. Then, as I continued wandering around the park I considered the buildings of Nashville, and which might be my favorite.

You know, dear reader, as I get older and consider such listings (of my fave of this or my fave of that), it get harder to firmly choose just one fave! So it is with Nashville's public buildings. Certainly the ones in the running for tops will include The Parthenon. But then there is Kirkland Hall on the Vanderbilt University campus -- it's the original main building and still the administration building, done in red brick Italianate style with a very tall clock tower. OR it could be Furman Hall on the campus near Kirkland, because that was where the Latin American Studies department was housed, along with languages, when I studied for my M.A. at Vandy. It's a grey stone edifice in typical collegiate Tudor Gothic style. OR there's the Tennessee State Capitol building -- the most beautiful of all state capitols in my book.

I came to no conclusion as to which is my Number One favorite building in Nashville. But I did go home to rest for about an hour. Then I was off to Thanksgiving dinner. I was given a ride by fellow church choir member Steve Walls, who was contributing some delicious stuffed mushrooms to the feast.

The Stuart Duncan family, members of my church, throw a dinner each Thanksgiving for anybody in the church who would like to be there. I think the also invite Stuart's musician friends. Stuart is fiddler in the Grammy-winning Nashville Bluegrass Band. Naturally then, we had music to feed the soul and for which to be thankful. Even as we had food to feed the belly and be thankful! For Dieta Duncan, Stuart's wife, is an excellent cook. She even bakes communion bread for our weekly Lord's Supper at church!

So, even tho once again I didn't get to spend this special holiday -- Pastor Jay confessed that it's his favorite -- with family, it was a sweet and memorably day anyway.

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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