Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Steve Wariner and Charlie Daniels on the airwaves

Early on Monday evening I was doing my usual, delivering prescription medications for Bradley Drugstore, and listening to WSM-AM 650 on the Ford Ranger's radio. Monday evenings WSM deejay Eddie Stubbs generally hi-lites songs recorded by members of the Country Music Hall of Fame. On THIS show he treated us to an in-studio live interview with Steve Wariner. Steve isn't yet a member of the Hall of Fame, but he IS on the Opry cast and quite an accomplished artist.

Earlier this year Steve produced a CD album called "CGP: My Tribute to Chet Atkins". It was the focus of conversation between Eddie and Steve. At intervals a song would be played from it. And of course Steve shared anecdotes of his years as a protegé of Chet. "CGP" is an acronym created by Chet, standing for "Certified Guitar Picker" which he attached first to himself and then to four other highly talented instrumentalists -- including Steve Wariner himself.

All of this was quite delightful to listen to as I made my deliveries. But the hi-lite HAD to have been when Eddie played "Producer's Medley" and he and Steve commented on it. The piece is an instrumental montage of hits by various artists (not all of the m considered "country") which Chet had produced. It features "The Three Bells", "Java", "Let It Be Me" and about five other songs, with Steve playing the guitar on all of them. The resulting medley is awesome! I caught myself saying, "Wow!" several times while I was listening. And when it was over, Eddie made his signature remark, "Any questions?" Whenever he says this, he's anointing the song he's just presented as being a real classic, a true diamond highly polished.

Well, the delights of radio listening of Monday evening continued on Tuesday morning. On WSM's wake-up show "Coffee Country & Cody" (AND Charlie Mattos, I might add!) Charlie Daniels was a late (final hour) in-studio Guest. He spoke with Bill about a new Christmas Album CD he's releasing. They played a couple of songs from the album, including an instrumental rendition of "The Christmas Song" (my favorite pop or secular song of the holiday).

Now, Charlie Daniels isn't a country singer I get enthusiastic about, and never has been, even tho' I like his "Devil Went Down to Georgia" and a couple other hits of his. But listening to him speak about this new Xmas album, and hearing excerpts from it really warmed me to the man! This album is a terrific project, almost up there with the Chet Atkins tribute album featured on WSM the evening before!

I tell you what, dear reader! San Antonio may have brung out the "party animal" in me with its constant festivals and celebrations of cultures and life in general. But Nashville is just about as powerfully affecting me and my deep love of song and music!

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