Monday, August 3, 2009

One-Year anniversary back in TN

Well, dear reader, I've now been lodging here in Nashville, a.k.a. "The Athens of the South" a.k.a. "Music City" for a year (and a couple of days). And what a year it's been; it hasn't gone quite the way I anticipated. The family reconciliation that's the reason for my move from San Antonio back to Tennessee is going very slowly. More slowly than I anticipated, and I'll take the blame for that. Also some very ugly things have occurred to me here in Nashville. and my job history hasn't taken a turn for the better. Yet.

Oh, well, as one country song that's currently a hit puts it, "sounds like life to me". Or as another country hit puts it, "it happens."

And Nashville isn't what I expected either, when I returned a year ago.
Oh, I knew about a few of the changes in Music City, but a lot caught me by surprise. All the name changes for major landmarks and attractions. All the nude statuary, especially that monstrosity of a gang-bang colossus at the head of Music Row. Every time the MTA takes me past it I wish I had a stick of TNT to light after placing under it! (I'd be doing this city, its residents & visitors a true favor to blow the offensive-pornographic item up!)

Well, let's leave the negatives. . . . and go on to positive notes (pun intended).

The NFL Titans and the Vanderbilt Commodores both gave their hometown memorable football seasons in the Fall of Ought Eight. H ooray!

We've had abundant rainfall and cooler than usual temperatures this Summer. Having moved from San Antonio yours truly really, really appreciates this!

After a "false start" in a couple of part-time jobs I've settled into a very nice part-time-more-hours-more-pay job that gets me out & about in this beautiful and "greenest State in the land of the free!" I could be quite content working as a delivery driver for Bradley Drugstore 'til I keel over. . . but I still think the Lord has something else for me, specifically a prison chaplaincy.

After discovering that a former "church home" (the congregation where we held membership in 1985 to '91) was unavailable this time (due to no car and no MTA service evenings and weekends), I discovered an endearing new "church family" in Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples). I eagerly anticipate each jaunt across the Cumberland River to East Nashville for a church meeting!

One final comment: on my weekday morning trips by MTA bus out Charlotte Ave. to Bradley to begin work, we pass a Hertz Rent-a-Car at the corner of Charlotte and 31st Ave. Often there are one or more employees outside cleaning cars, with water hoses or vacuums, and these guys are dressed in trousers, dress shirts (always long-sleeved) and neckties. I appreciate and understand their desire to have the vehicles sparkling-clean for customers. And yours truly certainly likes to dress up and don a tie. But NOT for washing a car! Even I will slip into something casual or grubby for such work! Or at least I'd take off the tie and the dress shirt!

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