Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mm-mm-mm! a Melodious Morning with Music!

Yeah, I know. What should one expect in a city, one of whose nicknames is "Music City USA"?

But this morning seemed to be especially melodious. I was doing my work to the sound of sweeter-than-usual music and song -- and not solely on WSM-AM 650. And this despite the intermittent heavy rainfall. But then again, perhaps the patter of raindrops augmented the melodiousness, do you suppose?

Early in my listening to "Coffee Country & Cody" -- AND Charlie -- Bill's conversation with Jimmy Carter (NOT the former Pres. but rather WSM's entertainment news reporter) covered a certain song's lyrics about biscuits. Both fellows quoted the lyrics to this song, "How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?" and then later a recording of it was aired. I think Bill said the recording was by Stringbean, but there were many recordings of it during the early decades of recordings and radio. I considered the lyrics as well as the instrumentation to be pluperfect classic country music! Plus, the song took me straight back to my boyhood in Boise and my mother's utterly delicious homemade biscuits.

Later, my WSM deejay buddies went from superb old classic country to superb fresh & new. They aired "Whatever 'It' Is" by the Zac Brown Band. I've esteemed this new hit ever since the first time I heard it. It's a standard love song, of a young man's feelings for his lady-love, and his stumbling over his toes, so to speak, in attempting to express those. The chorus goes

. She has whatever "it" is, it blows me away.
. She's everything I wanted to say to a woman
. But couldn't find the words to say
. She's got whatever "it" is, I don't know what to do
. Because every time I try and tell how I feel
. It comes out "I love you". You got whatever "it" is.
In the last chorus, he says "I do!" right after he sings "I love you", it sound so endearing.

But this morning I didn't devote all my listening time to "The Air Castle of the South", nor to WKDF nor Solid Gospel 105. Often when an ad I dislike come on on WSM I'll switch for a few minutes to one of those stations, then return to WSM. And I pretty much leave WSM alone after ten o-clock (when CC & C ends). But this morning when I got into the white Ford Ranger assigned to me for the day and first turned on its radio it was on Mix 93, and I left the first FM band set to this lite (or "easy") rock station. And so I listened to what passes for "oldies" these days, pop rock & roll songs of the Sixties and Seventies. The sort of music I heard and relished on Casey Casem's "American Top Forty" radio show when I was in high school and at the University of Idaho.

And while I enjoyed the music on the Ranger's radio I was doing my job, driving deliveries around Metro Nashville. The deliveries themselves are often a delight; most of our clients are appreciative of our delivery service. The message is in their faces as I hand them the bags with prescriptions, and sometimes on their tongues ans they verbalize the gratitude. One woman to who I delivered this morning was particularly grateful -- which kind of surprised me, since her prescriptions are very expensive (I guess she doesn't have insurance that covers medications). I'd delivered medicine to her a couple times before, and her address is, shall we say, "off the beaten path" even tho' not out in the country. Today she actually requested that I pass on her gratitude for Bradley Drugstore's "mission" (her word) of free delivery, to my boss. Which I did. She also offered to have prayer with me the next time I bring a delivery!

Now, while I was enjoying deliveries around town and songs on the radio, another melody was playing intermittently outdoors. You see, it was raining. The precipitation was seldom falling hard, but when it was I was safe and dry in the vehicle. And I echoed what one of my other clients said regarding the rain: "I'm not complaining". This abundant rainfall over Middle Tennessee is what's keeping it "the greenest State in the land of the free"!

And I appreciate that trait of this State! "Greenest"!

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