Monday, March 30, 2009

Stormy weather, stormy society

Last Sunday Pastor Jay Hartley was absent (on vacation) from Worship at Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples), and so Associate Pastor Michael Lehman preached. This Sunday the tables were turned; Michael was absent (at a youth retreat) and we heard Pastor Jay preach. His message was titled "A Bridge to God" and focused on Psalm 51:1-12, one of the lectionary readings for this particular Sunday.

This wasn't a good weekend to be out at a campground. Middle Tennessee experienced some severe weather. See my immediately-previous post,a bout how the storm affected the Bluegrass Conclave meeting of my fraternity.

Sunday was a great improvement weather-wise. But alas! we live in a stormy society, too. A storm of crime, violence, envy, lust, etc.

One of the members of the choir at ECC, who lives with his family within walking distance of the church, reported to the rest of us choir members that his son, who's in his early teens, had been at Five Points, a business corner in the heart of East Nashville, had used his cell phone to talk to Dad (the choir member) as he appriached a bus stop bench to sit and await an MTA bus -- and got mugged by two thugs, who left with the cell phone! The young teen wasn't physically hurt, but still the crime was shocking in its brazenness. Done in broad daylight in a somewhat busy neighborhood! A supposedly "safe" neighborhood!

Let me tell you, dear reader, I seldom feel safe here in Nashville, no matter where I may be. Certainly not where I live, within a mile of two housing projects, nor downtown. This really contrasts with San Antonio, a much larger city, where i generally felt safe anywhere in the daytime, and many parts of town even at night.

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