Sunday, May 6, 2012

Again "Listen to the Music" in Music City

A couple years ago I reported on this blog about how a certain hit song from my youth -- a "blast from the past" -- played over the p.a. system of the store in which I was shopping, and how immediately I contemplated what a perfect them song it would be for Nashville a.k.a. Music City USA. Well, shall we say it's time for same song second verse? Saturday, 5 May -- ¡Feliz Cinco de May, mis amigos! -- I worked the opening shift at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. After leaving TSLA I visited the central library at Vanderbilt and did some work on-line there. In a tip of the hat to the holiday (which is celebrated much more in these United States than in Mexico, where it's NOT their independence day) I decided to have a light supper of Mexican food. And being short on cash it had to be something less expensive than Chuy's or San Antonio Taco Co. There is a Taco Bell on West End Ave. very near the Vandy campus, so I went in there. As I was eating my burrito, wouldn't you know? The store's p.a. system, which was carrying pop rock music, began to broadcast the Doobie Brothers singing "Listen to the Music"! At once I limbered up my vocal cords and sang along. And again I considered how "Listen to the Music" is a perfect theme song for this city!

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