Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marvelously musical March!

Forget the NCAA's annual "March Madness"!

Oops, I hope you, dear reader, didn't think yours truly had forgotten this blog! But one of the minuses of being again gainfully employed for hourly wage is one has to spend appointed hours at work & NOT on-line. This IS a very minor "minus", you understand. . . .

ANY minuses, minor or major, are quickly forgotten once I step inside the worksite, the Grand Ole Opry House. It's such a joy to again guide visitors around the facility as I conduct the 45-minute tour. It's such a joy to again run into folk from the broadcast and Country Music world whom I admire and with whom I've had cherished relationships.

And I'm most certainly NOT going to sneeze at the perks of this job! A few Saturdays ago, Steve Wariner was in the Opry gift shop (located at south end of front or main lobby) to sign CDs of his latest album. When I clocked out from doing tours, I hung around, removed my uniform jacket and tie and entered the shop to get his autograph. Not on that latest album, but rather on c.g.p. My tribute to Chet Atkins. AND on his page in the Opry picture-history book.

Then, on my way out the artists entrance backstage (House staff also use it) I ran into Little Jimmy Dickens. Smiling, I shook his hand as I said, "Little Jimmy Dickens, I must say this. 'Shake hands, old man, I married your sister'!" This is the punch line of my favorite joke of his.

i wasnt scheduled to work on my birthday, Monday the 14th, but while doing tours on Tuesdays, when I led them onto the stage to the famous circle, I'd first ask if any were celebrating a birthday. If not, I'd invite them to sing "Happy Birthday" to yours truly. I'd applaud them and while praising their singing talent would urge them all to applaud. Then I'd give the standard conclusion used by all us guides: "When you tell folk at home about your trip to Nashville, you can say that you got to sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage -- and got a standing ovation!"

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