Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year of Our Lord Twenty-Eleven!

Howdy & the Lord's blessing to you dear reader, from yours truly here in Music City, aka Nashville, Tennessee!

Yes, I notice that, one, I kind of faded out on this my blog as Two Thousand Ten drew to its ending. And two, HERE it's already the Sixteenth of January -- and I'm just now putting HNY greetings on it! ??!!?!!?

Oh, well, I resolve to do better! In fact, I already have a movie review planned for posting on Monday the 17th, of a flick I went to see Saturday (yesterday). Tune in tomorrow for that (hint: the flick I watched was filmed here in Nashville).

But for right now, I simply wish to give y'all my greetings & best wishes for this young year, A.D. 2011. My only other item for today's post is to mention that I'm listening, even as I type this to the on-line edition of the radio program "Front Porch Fellowship". It begins shortly after 4pm on Saturdays and is repeated at the same time on Sundays. You can dial it on your radio; go to "Solid Gospel Radio", 104.9 or 105.1 FM. The lower frequency is tied to a small town west of Nashville, the higher freq. to one to the east. So if you're west of IH 65, you'll pick up 104.9 better, and the other if you're east of that interstate.

Or you can do as I'm doing. Go on-line to and click on the rectangular button below ON AIR in the upper left corner. If you enjoy Bluegrass Music or Gospel Music, "Front Porch Fellowship" is the show for your great listening pleasure!

I've began listening to Les Butler's hour-long musical trip to Heaven in the late 1990s, when the Salem network commenced the dual-freq. SGM station in Middle Tennessee. This event brought Gospel Music back to the greater Nashville area for the first time since WENO-AM780 ceased to send SGM over the airwaves in the early Nineties. Les introduced me to the joys of Bluegrass Gospel Music, and also to one of the genre's most talented and beautiful (audibly as well as visually) artists: Rhonda Vincent. Thanks to my frequent communications to Les about how much Rhonda impressed me, nowadays whenever he sends one of her Gospel songs out over FPF on the airwaves, he dedicates the song to yours truly.

Furthermore, since I returned to Tennessee from San Antonio -- wonderful place to live, except that it's short on Rhonda Vincent as well as Bluegrass Music in general -- Les has several times mentioned requests for "Front Porch Fellowship" sent to him by a Mike Johnson in Burley, Idaho. Every time I hear one of these I get happy and homesick at the same time; you see, Idaho's the state of my raising & still home to most of my family of origin (I know exactly where in southern Idaho the town is & have been there), and it warms my heart to know there's a lover of Bluegrass Gospel there amid those potato fields!

Well, whether you listen to Les Butler's show ornot, may our Lord bless you abundantly in this year!

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