Thursday, November 11, 2010

Notice about dating of postings

Dear reader, please don't be misled by the dates on my latest two postings. It used to be that if I composed a posting on, say, a Monday and saved it as a draft, finished it on Tuesday & posted it, it would be dated the Mon. date.

Apparently no more, here on Blogspot. The "Hum-dinger" posting actually was started on Mon. 25 Oct. Then for some reason I didn't get back to finishing it 'til yours truly went to finish up my draft of "Purple". "Hum-dinger" focuses on events of two weeks EARLIER than does "Purple". Which means that if you're reading my postings from the top -- the latest to get "published" -- you're reading the two said posts in REAL chronological order, not the usual order of latest to older.

Hm-m-m-m-m! I kind of like that arrangement. Lover of history & biography that I am, one feature of blogs and other on-line on-going Websites that I've been unhappy about is that as you read down one of these you're going back in time -- reverse history if you will.

Oh, well. . . .

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