Monday, December 7, 2009

A Saturday evening session at Station Inn

The Station Inn is a well-known name here in Music City a.k.a. Nashville, for live acoustic music, particularly of the bluegrass genre or the Americana Music genre. It doesn't look like much from the outside -- kinda could fit on the stage of the Ryman or of the Grand Ole Opry House? -- and not much more impressive inside. I.e., it's very intimate. But I've been there a few times, including back around 1990. Found it to be a likable place to go for live music!

Well, I was there Saturday nite, after work. You see, dear reader, the Nashville Bluegrass Band was performing one of their rare concerts in their namesake city! I'd wanted to experience these guys live in concert ever since I got acquainted with their fiddler, Stuart Duncan, who with his family are active and cherished members of Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples) - my church. Stuart's wife Dieta had informed me of the NBB concert at Station Inn, and I was most grateful. It was a terrific performance, as the group lived up to their Grammy-earning talents. Stuart especially impressed me on the final number before they took a break. His sawing on the fiddle with the bow was so vigorous and enthusiastic and crowd-enthusing, that afterward I asked if he needed some ice cubes to cool down the bow!

Best of all, when I entered the building and mentioned to the hostess why I was there (the church membership connection) she informed me that several ECC(DC) members were present. And not just Duncans! Steve Walls and his son Nathan were among those ECC folk also present. I sat at a table next to Steve and swapped occasional comments with my buddy. This commentary and story-swapping continued as he drove me home after the end of the concert.

What a delightful evening of music in Music City! And experienced along with fellow shurch members, in "The Buckle of the Bible Belt"!

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