Monday, October 19, 2009

"Br-r-r!" & baked Alaskas are both back!

Yesterday morning presented the first frosty lawns here in Nashville, I noticed while taking the bus to church. Looks like the typically terrible Tennessee winter is having an atypically early start this time around!

This morning, another frosty one, "baked Alaskas" were back on the buses. Yeah, I know that the real baked Alaska is a dessert. But the (sub-Saharan) African-American majority here in Nashville, or at least the young to middle-age females among them, in cold weather generally like to wear parkas with hoods up, which makes them resemble Eskimos. And so I call the resulting image of an African face framed by faux-fur hood, a "baked Alaska".

And ouch! what happened to the NFL Titans yesterday! Right after church I returned home and entered the community room to watch some of the televised game between the Titans and the New England Patriots. The game was in Foxboro and was it snowing! The field was already covered with snow, with more falling, almost in blizzard fashion. And the home team was unleashing a blizzard of scoring against the Titans! Five TDs in the second quarter -- an NFL record. Final score Pats 59, Titans zip. Ouch!

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