Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving thanks in Music City

Yesterday we of these United States observed Thanksgiving Day. The holiday has long been one of my favorites, due to its not being commercialized (yet), and to my desire to cultivate the habit of an attitude of gratitude.

While I was living in San Antonio I had some terrific experiences on Thanksgiving Days. Indeed, at least one of my blogs in A.D. 2006 specifically described a San Antonio-style Thanksgiving.

But that was then, this is now, and the Nashville Thanksgiving of A.D. 2008 is memorable in its own unique ways.

To begin with -- "begin" quite literally -- I went to church for breakfast. That's right! Eastwood Christian Church (Disciples) held a breakfast in the church fellowship hall, serving at 8:00 AM. I actually arrived early, as soon as I could get there by bus (Nashville MTA ran a "Sunday" schedule). I intended to assist with cooking and set-up. However, even at the early hour (half past six) over a half dozen members were already at the church. Therefore I didn't get to help much, and spent most of the time sitting and drinking coffee while chatting and getting better acquainted with a couple members who likewise had done all they could. The food was de-e-e-licious, and the meal concluded with a brief Thanksgiving worship led by Pastor Jay Hartley and pianist Marie Pierce.

Returning to my lodging at Mercury Courts I went to the community room to watch the Thanksgiving Day NFL game between the Titans and the Lions at Detroit. Our Titans looked great as they whipped up on the home team. Too bad the game wasn't here, so we could enjoy the post-game fireworks lighting up the Nashville sky!

Then I went to work for four hours at Signius. We who work the holiday are assigned just four hours but get paid for eight (i.e., we get double-pay). I cannot complain about such an arrangement. . . just give thanks!

Isn't this what the Day is about?

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